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The mission of the LOL Comedy Honors is to be the premier awards show for comedians.  

We further aim to utilize the platforms that comedians are privileged to have by connecting with, and helping to serve, communities across the nation. 

Our goal is to pay homage to the comedy industry, which includes:



Pioneers, Icons and Legends: comedians who laid the foundation and set the stage for the future of comedy. 


Trailblazers: comedians who grabbed the torch and created a following with their unique brand of comedy, broke new ground with tours, in television, on radio, in film, and now, online.


Social Media:  the new generation of comics, some who have garnered millions of fans through their online comedy routines.

Visionaries: those behind-the scenes contributors who had enough foresight to not only recognize talent, but to understand the value that comedy brought to the masses.



Some of the LOL Comedy Honors awards were created in the names of legendary comedians, (both living and deceased).  For these honors…

  • Families of those who have passed are given the opportunity to choose who they believe best embodies the legacies of their loved one.  The recipient is based solely on the choice of the family.

  • All other awards, for those who we are still fortunate enough to have with us, are created and decided upon by the LOL Comedy Honors’ Executive Team, along with a review by the Comedy Council.

Awards were created to honor those who have excelled in specific platforms of comedy excellence including: television, movies, social media, social activism, and behind-the-scenes contributors.  We base it upon such criteria as:


  • Pioneering

  • Innovation

  • Authenticity

  • Originality 

  • Creativity

  • Risk Taking

  • Inspiring

  • Storytelling

  • Leadership 

The LOL Platform


We recognize that humor transcends culture, race, religion, and gender.  After all, everybody likes to laugh; and there is a comedian out there for every brand of comedy there is.  

Each comic comes with his or her own loyal fan base that has been cultivated through years of hard work and a continuous grind.  We will utilize popularity and visibility of comics by working to bring awareness and solutions to a number of social causes that affect the lives of our communities:

Domestic Violence
Police Brutality


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